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Who are we.

We are the Grindrod approach to the B.E.E Safe Lumby

Things that have been identified in the disappearance of bees.

  • Lack of Bio Diversity. This is likely the largest area of influence. Quality and diverse food sources are essential for bee health. Agricultural practices are the mortal enemy of bio diversity. Though it roots are being to seep in. Bee thrive in bio divers horticultural environment.
  • Pesticides. This area has been long known to cause huge problems in the ecosystem. It is at the root of agricultures denial of the 80/20. Bugs and weeds are vital to the eco system. They look at the easy but unsustainable way of keepings to the new buzz word of bee keeping. Economic threshold.
  • GMO Plants. This is developing into a real carnivorous dinosaur. The problems and devastation of the echo system including human health are now just being released and people taking notice. The

The roots of all these systems stem form a need to centralise control of the food system to a few.



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